About us

Tante Emma is…

a more than an agency!

Tante Emma is a heart project, a creative space, a commitment!

Some of our clients call us their Coach, some call us Agency, some call us Consultants, Social Media Manager or Partner and some call us Friends...

We go above and beyond a traditional creative agency by providing that extra level of support only a trusted friend would deliver, we literally fall in love with your business or your project and become part of it.

We are a full-service agency, searching for the best solutions for you.

Our supports consist in our business knowledge. We call it our 360° Circle of Planning, Organisation, Strategy, Communication & Languages,  Digitalmarketing, Events, Lifestyle, Travel & Sports.

Fifteen years of business experience empowers us to stand with you. 

We love to share our journey and our lifestyle with you!

See you soon!


P:S: Read this...


And now I tell you the very first idea of Tante Emma ("that is what I would call - Project Evolving!")

The idea came to me when I was pregnant…

I had already started to fill the closets for the little one and while foldering the cute clothes in the closet I wondered: Where will I put all these tiny little bodies? 

Where do I put all this stuff that’s only gonna last you 1 to 2 months?

And paff! I came up with the idea and more than an idea I had the inspiration to put myself on the journey to discover a new "online world" - the idea was to sell this cute baby stuff in my online shop!
I didn’t want to put things on Ebay, which I think is a wonderful platform, but for other things, not clothes as intimate as a baby leotard or a princess’s first pair of Pyjamas.

I wanted to create a platform of my own, where you can see where the product comes from and who it belonged to, who we are and how we care about beautiful things...

A platform, an online shop that will be anything but anonymous!

Today we are much more than a shop...

There’s still so much to do, but I didn’t want to wait any longer, I wanted to share the project with you!

Tell me what you think!

Nice to talk to you...

I'm Laura - the heart of TANTE EMMA 🤍

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