Decorations of Interiors

Increase the creativity of your environments!


Are you ready to embark on a colorful journey where art and nature intertwine in a charming way?

Hello, I'm Maria Elena, an experienced visual artist.

With more than 15 years of expertise in the field, I have organized exhibitions and sold my paintings globally. Through my journey as a painter, I have experimented with various painting styles and materials.

Now, I'm here to offer my creative touch to decorate your business premises or even your private home. Let's add a personal and artistic flair to your space!

Ask for a quote!


Feel free to reach out to me or give me if you have any questions.
I´m looking forward to paint and enjoy with you!

Learn the Art of Painting

Do you have a restaurant, a bar or are you an hotel owner?

If you have a space and would like to create simple and unique moments of attraction, we can organize painting workshops in your premises. Participants will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity while enjoying a drink from your bar, in a light and creative atmosphere.

This formula is perfect for wine tastings or if you have an open-air farmhouse. People will be able to taste local products while painting their canvas on an easel, in an absolutely idyllic atmosphere!

Contact me so that I can come and visit you to discuss and organize appointments!




Some more Info about me

My art is a tribute to nature and its biodiversity.
I travel around the world, visiting different continents and discovering ecosystems and animal species, which I reproduce in my paintings, highlighting their essence and beauty.
After studying painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, I worked as a stage painter for some of the most prestigious European theatres, including the Vienna State Opera.
I also lived in Munich, where I tried new techniques and artistic styles. But I have never lost touch with my homeland and its natural environment. That's why I returned to Italy and settled in the beautiful Peschiera del Garda. Here I found a new source of inspiration for my art: the lake and its surroundings.
Now I want to share my passion and vision with others.
 I hope to inspire people to respect and protect nature and celebrate its diversity.

Co-Space Tante Emma for me is a great community of creative people that gives me new inspirations and networks within the region.




Contact Details: 

Maria Elena

email: | Mobile +39 351 616 2587


email: | Mobile +393426029054



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