Meditation & Yoga

Your Journey to Self-Discovery and Well-Being

Are you passionate about holistic and oriental practices? Ever wondered how to further unlock your inner power and connection?

My name is Diana Caterina 🌺 With a natural talent for guiding people, the services I offer are aimed at the psycho-physical well-being of individuals, integrating techniques of yoga, somatic embodiment, ecstatic dance, and breathing work.

Additionally, I have been practicing specialized manual therapies for 10 years, focusing on treatments to alleviate musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. My attention and specialty lie in caring for the body as a channel for the manifestation of sensuality and feminine energy that resides within each of us.

Somatic Embodiment Yoga


💃 Dive into the world of Somatic Embodiment Yoga, a revolutionary approach that combines ancient yoga techniques, ecstatic dance movements, and active breathing exercises. By releasing accumulated tensions and blocks, you will experience a profound sense of relaxation and well-being on both physical and emotional levels. 🧘‍♀️💫

🕘 1 hour 🏷️ 20 € per Person 🔢 Max. 10 people

📍 Tante Emma Business Agency & Co-Working Space

Feminine Yoga Flow

🌸 Allow your feminine energy to blossom within my exclusive Feminine Yoga Flow. Through gentle and fluid movements synchronized with your breath, you will establish a deep connection with your physical body. This journey of self-care and self-discovery will leave you feeling nurtured and empowered. 🌺🌟

🕘 1 hour 🏷️ 20 € per Person 🔢 Max. 10 people

📍 Tante Emma Business Agency & Co-Working Space

Guided Ecstatic Dance

🎶 Get ready to let your spirit soar with Guided Ecstatic Dance! Experience the freedom of movement as you surrender to the rhythm of the music. Without the need for specific steps, you will unleash your creativity and tap into profound states of ecstasy and alignment through your body, mind and soul. Let the carefully curated playlist guide you on this sensory and transformative journey. 🎵🌈

🕘 1 hour 🏷️ 20 € per Person 🔢 Max. 10 people

📍 Tante Emma Business Agency & Co-Working Space

Sensual Healing Massage

💆‍♀️ Indulge in the ultimate self-care experience with our Sensual Healing Massage. Through personalized sessions of 'Sensual Healing Touch,' you will experience the power of physical contact combined with energetic stimulation. Immerse yourself in a journey of relaxation and inner healing, nurturing your mind, emotional body, and spirit. 🌹💆‍♂️

🕘 75 minutes 🏷️ 80 € per Session

📍 Tante Emma Business Agency & Co-Working Space

Feel free to reach out to me or give me if you have any questions.

Some more Info about me

After an incredible 7-year journey in India, I have returned to share my knowledge and experiences with you. I am the founder of Rituali; an online boutique dedicated to the powers of healing that aims to improve the quality of women's lives and awaken the deepest, wildest, and most divine parts that reside within them.

Co-Space Tante Emma for me is a great location to create, reconnect and immerse around a pool of creative and joyful spirits.

Contact Details: 


Mail: | Mobile +39 342 090 4581


Email: | Mobile +393426029054



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