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I´m Renato, a professional musician/pianist with years of experience performing in solo and band settings. I want to share my knowledge and expertise with my students, teaching them not only the basic techniques for mastering the instrument but also various musical tricks and licks that are not typically covered in a "classical" piano course.

To whom is it addressed? 🎯

This course is specifically designed for individuals aged 10 to 60 and does not require any prior musical knowledge. Musical talent is not genetically predetermined, just like with other forms of language. It is a skill that is acquired through practice, exercise, and exposure to music.

The primary reason for "making music" is the inner well-being and the joy of sharing it with other human beings.

What will we do? ✨🪡

My method, called "Functional Harmony", focuses on a fast-paced learning approach, emphasizing fundamental concepts based more on "musical math" than written sheet music. This way, students can experience quick progress and soon showcase their skills in front of family, friends, or even a public audience. The learning pace will naturally depend on the student's dedication in applying what I teach.

I offer only individual lessons (or at most, lessons for two family members together) to provide the best learning experience and personalize each student's artistic journey. We will study classical and modern pieces, incorporating an accompaniment technique that explores various rhythms.

Make space for your passion: don't wait any longer!

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