Padel Around the Lake - Voucher

Padel Around the Lake - Voucher

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Get this voucher to get your

first Lesson with Laura Dell'Angelo!

Padel is the perfect blend of tennis and squash, and I'm here to introduce you to this exciting game! Learn the intricacies of the court, improve your technique, and unleash your paddle power as we dive into exhilarating rallies and tactical plays.

🌐 Italian, English, German and French

🏷️ Private or Group Trainings 

🔢 Weekly Programs

📍 Areasport, Peschiera d/G (VR)

This voucher grants a 10.00€ discount on all lessons,
single and group, purchased with it.
Price list (including court fee, balls, and racquets)
Single Lesson - 45,00 € / hour
Group of 2 - 25,00 € / hour / p. P.
Group of 3 - 23,00 € / hour p. P
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