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Your Full Potential within my Multi-faceted Courses

I am Jess, an eclectic, creative, curious, and resilient woman, ready to bring joy, inspiration, and awareness into your life. With a diverse background as an actress, dancer, photographer, facilitator, listener, and host, I possess a wide range of skills that allow me to understand the needs of those in front of me and find empowering solutions.

I am passionate about using my skills to entertain, engage, and empower others.

Laughter Yoga, the ability to laugh unconditionally, has transformed my life, breaking down structures I had built since childhood. Laughter is truly a powerful tool, accessible to everyone, capable of helping us through difficult times.

Laughter Yoga: Find Your Inner Giggle Guru!


🏷️ 20 € per Person 🕘 1 hour 🔢 Max. 10 people

📍 Tante Emma Business Agency & Co-Working Space

Playfight - the connection through combat, is a discipline that brings attention to our instinctual nature and our inner child, releasing strength, energy, and emotional knots with consciousness, listening, respect, and play. It fosters a connection with ourselves and with others. Both activities can be practiced individually or in a group setting.

Playfight Courses: Unleash Your Inner Warrior! 🥋


🏷️ 25 € per Person 🕘 2 hours 🔢 Max. 10 people

📍 Tante Emma Business Agency & Co-Working Space

Team building, schools, companies, or indivuals - every context is suitable for bringing joy, awareness, and unity. Feel free to reach out to me to find the solution that suits you best, to gather more information, or simply to get to know each other! I am thrilled to bring more joy into your life!


 Feel free to reach out to me or give me if you have any questions. I´m looking forward to paint and enjoy with you!


Some more Info about me

I´m a versatile creative multi-talent with a passion for laughter and storytelling. Bringing characters to life, I amplify messages, facilitate engaging discussions, and spread joy through whimsical antics. Join me on a journey of creativity, inspiration, and endless possibilities.

Co-Space Tante Emma for me is a great location to create, reconnect and immerse around a pool of creative and joyful spirits. Only YOU are missing!



Contact Details: 


email: | Mobile +39 348 573 3561


email: | Mobile +393426029054



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